Lost Large White Dogs


Fern has been missing now one week. She chased off after a deer at Chubb Trail while hiking with her owner and hasn't been seen since. She is a very special dog. Maplewood Bicycle is putting up a $500 reward if someone finds her. Please call Hallie at 314.596.1163 if you find her safe and sound.

Barron came from Texas, and spent the night at an overnight foster near 141/Big Bend, and got out Saturday night. His brother left on transport today, and Barron is out trying to survive in a foreign state, in snow he has probably never experienced, he's cold, tired and hungry. Spotted this am, at the apartments near Dougherty Ferry and Big Bend. Sightings are crucial, in order to narrow down his path, as well as his direction. He is a senior. Share with everyone, please!!!


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