Arnold's Solar Panels

The City of Arnold is showing more of its progressive thinking.

During a quiet moment, this editor will ocassionally look up at the air.

After hours and days of looking at a computer screen or looking around at the city buildings, it's nice to have a different perspective on life.

After a particularly stressful work day, I noticed a few items that reminded me of San Francisco, California. I lived on the West Coast for a while.

Arnold has a few solar panels around town.

The sights brought a smile to my face. Warm days (too warm this past week), sunlight, do-nothing (or do everything) days spent with friends and family. People sharing embarassing stories, creating new stories and just enjoying themselves.

Hope everyone is enjoying Independence Day!

Michael Krug July 05, 2012 at 02:39 PM
It is great to see more homes with solar panels on their rooftops. Solar can be great for the environment and great for your wallet (http://www.energysage.com/about-clean-energy/types/solar-photovoltaic-pv).


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