Thanks to ArnoldPatch's 250+ Facebook Friends

ArnoldPatch's Facebook Book Page received more than 250 like on July 4. We're hoping to earn a lot more.

Just a quick thank you to everyone who "Liked" ArnoldPatch's Facebook page.

During the July 4 holiday, the page received more than 250 "likes" and seems to be going on to 300 and hopefully many more.

The page allows Arnold and Jefferson County residents to get news delivered to their own Facebook pages.

People who receive the ArnoldPatch newsletter can have the daily news about Arnold delivered to their email accounts.

The growth in Facebook likes has a deep meaning because it started out with zero likes and no one knew the page existed.

Thanks again for the "likes", please stop by the page to leave a message or a request (a few friends have asked for information about Arnold events), and we'll continue to update the Facebook page with information about Arnold and Jefferson County.


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