News Nearby: Fenton Landmark Gets New Pink Coat

The familiar pink elephant at the Gas 'n' Stuff store on Highway 141 and Schneider Drive is getting an extreme "pink" makeover.

If you ever need to spackle a pink elephant, Rusty Smith is your guy.

Smith, who does painting and other work for Suzie Paints, a Fenton company, was busy last week doing prep work on the giant pink landmark at the Gas 'n' Stuff service station and convenience store at 2599 Missouri Highway 141 in Fenton at Schneider Drive near Highway 21.

It's been four years since the elephant got a fresh coat of pink and the weather has taken a toll, Smith said. The freeze-thaw cycle has caused some paint to buckle and chip and hailstones have caused numerous dings and pockmarks on the pink elephant's head and back.

Smith used a loose spackling compound to fill in the imperfections before a new coat of pain is applied.

It's not every day you have a chance to spackle a pink elephant, and Smith was having fun with it, telling visitors he was applying calamine lotion to the pink elephant's skin. He also related some little known facts about the landmark. For example, the pink elephant is hollow, made of fiberglass and once sported a large martini glass in its trunk.

This isn't the first time Suzie Paints has been in charge of refurbishing the pink elephant. Four years ago, she and her staff performed a similar makeover. This time, Smith says the plans are to make the pink elephant's already-blue eyes even bluer.

Stop by Gas and Stuff in the coming days as the extreme pink makeover continues with Rusty Smith and other Suzie Paints staffers wielding paintbrushes and paint rollers to give a familiar Fenton landmark a new pink coat for the winter.


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