12 Wild Ways to Decorate Eggs

Glitter, 3D, Virtual? There's a million ways to fill your Easter basket with awesome eggs.

Easter is nearly here, as evidenced by all the egg decorating kits that have hit the shelves around Fenton and High Ridge. Patch took a hop down the bunny trail to see what kind of eggs you can decorate with the kids this year.

Traditional Eggs. You don't need a fancy kit for beautiful, no frill colored eggs, just vinegar and ordinary food coloring. See directions here from McCormick on how to make dyed eggs on the cheap.

Glamorous Glitter Eggs. Every year there’s a new kit to help you decorate your eggs in fun and funky ways. Why have "boring" dyed eggs when you can have fabulous glitter eggs instead?

3D Eggs. Jaws, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and even the Lion King got the 3D treatment. Why not your Easter eggs? This kit comes with special color separating 3D glasses and tips on how to decorate eggs with extra-dimensional pop.

Retro Eggs. Treat the kids to a 70’s flashback with tye died eggs. Bell bottoms not included.

Geek Eggs. Bypass the fuss of boiling eggs and mixing dye entirely with an iPad app from Paas/Heinz. Now your kid can paint virtual eggs--but don’t try to pass off any virtual candy. They don’t like that.

Organic Eggs. Can’t stand the thought of chemicals anywhere near your holiday celebrations? Check out Serious Eats for directions on how to make all-natural egg dye from beets, cabbage and onions.

Squishy Eggs. If you’re more into eating the eggs than decorating them, try to decorate Eggies eggs. Just add food coloring to the raw egg, boil and ta-da! Dyed shell free eggs, ready for deviling or slicing into a salad.

Heartfelt Eggs. Here’s another creative way to “decorate” an egg meant for the dinner table—heart shaped eggs! Inspired by Japanese Bento lunch boxes, Anna the Red shows you how to squish an egg with cardboard and chopsticks into a heart shape. Patch gave this a try, and it really works. Just don’t plan on making a dozen.

Lazy Eggs. For the mom with no time for dye, glitter and paint all over the kitchen table, we found pre-dyed hard cooked eggs, at They had two displays full of dozens of eggs, so we’re thinking these are pretty popular.

Materialistic Eggs. Do kids give you the stink eye when you suggest they hunt for actual eggs from a chicken? Load up on plastic eggs from —they come in either fill it yourself or all ready filled, for your hunting pleasure.

Robot Eggs. Spice up the Easter eggs hunt with electronic Hide ‘Em Find ‘Em eggs, available locally at Walgreens. The eggs will talk until found, so maybe don’t hide them that well.

Green Eggs. Here’s an egg you’ll want to put in the sun for weeks—and they’ll still smell great! Egg Plants are ceramic “eggs” with dirt and flower seeds inside. Just crack and water. We found these at .


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