County Council Focuses on Texting Instead of Principles

Ban on texting at all public meetings discussed.

At the most recent council meeting on Jan. 28, the new chair of the council, Kelly Waymon, felt that it was okay to accept the fact that contracts were signed by the Sheriff's department prior to being submitted to the council for approval.  This is totally against the charter and when Council member Bickowski brought that to light and tried to remove the bill from the agenda, Waymon called it "kicking the can down the road."  I do not feel that legislating according to the Charter is "kicking the can down the road."  In addition, the council member from the second district, Renee Reuter, brought to our attention that we are outsourcing work performed in the county to a Canadian company. When Ms. Reuter asked if Vickie Pratt's people could read French, she answered "no."  What amazes me is they did not have a clue what the contract said and asked the Canadian workers to explain the content.  I'm glad our government offices in the county trust the people at these companies so much that they will accept their word on the content of a contract for services that we as the taxpayers are funding.  I guess when it's not your money your spending, you'll believe anything.

George Engelbach, the new 4th District Councilman is more interested in where the water comes from than he is in being transparent.  He, as does our new county chair, prefers to hide their questions among the council members rather than let residents know what is going on in the government offices that we pay for.  Engelbach and Waymon both believe questions should be emailed to the council members prior to the meeting.  So much for transparency and principles.

Next, let's look at the fact that we are losing businesses in Jefferson County and members of our council believe it is better to send business out of the county because "that's what we've done all along."  This is bad for Jefferson County. We are sending business overseas when our own residents are suffering from  unemployment and cannot find jobs in our community, forcing them to either move from Jefferson County entirely or drive many miles for work.

Finally, our new council chair believes it is more important to focus on eliminating more of our First Amendment rights (if you'll remember Boyer already started this with 5-minute time limits to speak) through banning texting at ALL public meetings.  I have to ask why is this such a problem that it requires more of his focus than improvements in the county and adding jobs to the county?  Kelly Waymon, if you knew the meaning of principles, you would direct your attention to jobs moving out of Jefferson County and following the Charter rather than opening a can of worms that you will not win. 

Certain members of this council are more and more like RINOs (Republican in name only) than principled legislators.  They are ignoring the charter and they are setting themselves up as dictators - this looks very similar to how Obama treats the Consitution.

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Linda Van de Riet February 06, 2013 at 09:01 PM
So, Terri, if you meant to give credit to the entire the Council, why didn't you? Why not mention that Charlie worked on the legislation and Renee introduced it? I am not blinded at all, my eyes are wide open and I've been attending Council meetings for the last two years and I haven't noticed you involved in any discussions. Why didn't YOU notice that a contract was signed before it was presented to the entire Council? If you are not addressing the issues in a public meeting, when are you addressing the issues and with whom, if not with the entire Council? If you really wanted to do good things for the County, you would discuss the problems and questions in front of the residents, that is the mark of an informed, true leader. I have no slant, but I do recognize people that want to improve the County for all not just a certain group.
Kevin February 07, 2013 at 04:37 AM
Bottom line is Bickowski and Groeteke are not fit for public office. Charlie because of his bad attitude toward anyone who disagrees with him and Don because he is unable to complete a sentence withouut using "wind up" 1,2, or 3 times. Frankly, it's embarrasing to watch him speak. I only read a small portion of your wordy diatribe, because as most are aware, you have no credibility, frankly you are full of it 99.9% of the time. I can only hope you keep writing long diatribes and carpal tunnel sets in and puts an end to your nonsense.
Linda Van de Riet February 07, 2013 at 03:00 PM
So, Kevin, or should I drop the "vi" and just call you "Ken"? The insults you are hurling at everyone proves that you still have no business in any public office. Ken who never accounted for the books for the Jefferson County Tea Party and the use of the money that was donated by so many members, Ken who posted threats of physical violence on my blog, Ken who unethically tried to bribe me with $1,000 to keep silent about his failure to keep correct balance sheets and ensure that a regular audit was completed. Evidently, you are still a little upset about the fact that you lost a race because of your unethical behavior and it is quite apparent that you still have no principals. With your questionable, short political career, I find it laughable that you of all people are the one that was chosen by the Engelbachs, Kreitler, Boyer and Waymon to defend them. I have to ask, did you find a real job yet?
Kevin February 07, 2013 at 11:17 PM
You can drop whatever makes you feel happy. You can think I'm whoever you want in your delusional mind. Doesn't change the fact that you are a person who fell down one to many flights of stairs as a child. As someone who watches all Council meetings online, I know the propaganda you spew is BS. And I will continue to call you out every chance I get. Based upon prior posts I'm sure Ken doesn't have any hesitation saying what he thinks about you.
Linda Van de Riet February 08, 2013 at 04:22 AM
Whoever you are really doesn't matter, it is great that you are so interested in my opinion which means that it bothers you as much as it does Terri Kreitler. Since you don't have the guts to come out of your closet and stand behind your word, you are the one with nothing of substance to add and as far as your credibility, by your very existence in the closet, you are the one that spews BS. If you can't provide proof or details about your opinion, whatever you write is pretty worthless. The Council will continue to be critiqued on my blog and if you want to give your worthless opinion, please do, it will add more readers to my column and more people will see what a detriment Bob Boyer, George Engelbach, Terri Kreitler and Kelly Waymon are to our County.


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