Customer Knocks Hat, Shoes Off Thief Fleeing Fenton Store

The thief was one of two men who reportedly stole 25 to 50 bags of synthetic incense from the store, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department.

The following was reported by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department.

A customer at a store Jan. 26 on Old Highway 141 in Fenton, knocked the hat and shoes off of a man who was fleeing the store after reportedly stealing 25 to 50 bags of synthetic incense, according to a report from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department.

A clerk at the store told a sheriff's deputy she was working when two men entered the store and distracted her by breaking a bottle. She said while she was cleaning up the broken glass, one of the two men grabbed a plastic bag from behind the counter that contained the synthetic incense, which was valued at between $1,075 and $2,150. The clerk attempted to stop the men as they tried to leave the store, but she said they pushed her out of the way. As the two men left, another customer was coming in and he also attempted to stop the two men, but they got away. The man was able, however, to knock off one of the thief's red and black hat and red and black shoes. A sheriff's deputy also recovered a necklace worn by one of the thieves.

The clerk later said one of the two men was a regular customer, but she didn't know his name. The sheriff's report stated the two men fled in a burnt orange colored pick-up truck, possibly a Chevy S10 or a Dodge Dakota. The deputy wrote in the report that the truck looked "surprisingly well kept and clean."  A Gatorade bottle found at the store and handled by one of the thieves was sent for analysis and to check for possible DNA evidence.


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