Man Arrested for Bizarre Behavior at Arnold Dialysis Center

Police say the man did not like the ethnicity of the employees and began threatening them. After officers arrived, he made four calls to 911 ranting in a bizarre manner.

Arnold police are seeking charges against a man who threatened employees at an Arnold dialysis center where he was receiving treatment.

Officers responded to a 911 call from an employee at DaVita Dialysis Center at 102 Richardson Crossing on Nov. 7 about a man with a gun at the facility. 

After officers arrived, they determined the man did not like the ethnicity of the personnel and made threats toward the employees. He did not have a gun.

While officers were investigating the incident, the man placed four 911 calls to complain and began to rant in a bizarre manner, said Maj. Nick McBroom of the Arnold Police Department. 

"I think there was some kind of language barrier with the man when police were trying to talk to him and probably some mental health issues," McBroom said.

The 42-year-old St. Louis man was taken into custody and transported to Jefferson Memorial Hospital for a 96-hour hold.

McBroom said the department is seeking charges against the man for peace disturbance, harassment and misuse of 911.

Sherry Heidorn November 14, 2012 at 08:40 PM
Well then if the employees would be white and American the man would have been able to understand them My mom had to be put into a nursing home and almost all the employees were Bosnian. They're hard to understand and treated her with no respect. We took her out immediately. Freaking Bosnians are everywhere. Why do they get totae all of our American obs away?


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