Neighbor Suspect in Home Burglary in Arnold

The following information was supplied by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department. Arrests or charges mentioned in this report do not indicate convictions.

Wednesday, Oct. 5

  • About $30 in quarters was stolen in a home burglary on Londell Ridge Drive in Arnold. A 4-by-3 foot window was also damaged. Entry was gained through a basement door. The incident occurred between 4:30 a.m and 2:30 p.m. 
  • A 1993 yellow Ford Mustang convertible was stolen between 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. from a driveway on Eldon Drive in Imperial. The car was valued at $15,000.

Saturday, Oct. 8

About $1,300 in jewelry was reported missing from a home on Dogwood Lane in Imperial. The homeowner suspects family members who were temporarily staying at the residence took the jewelry.

Sunday, Oct. 9

Four to five AC A-coils, three long condenser coils, two large aluminum condenser coils and miscellaneous loose copper valued at about $700 were reported stolen from a shop on E. Four Ridge Road in Imperial. The materials were laying unsecured on the side of the shop. 

This incident was captured on surveillance video, which showed that a white Ford F-150 pulled into the driveway at the shop and a woman knocked several times on the front door. After receiving no response she and three other men then loaded the above mentioned items into the bed of the truck and left the area. 

A canvass of the area provided no additional information. Police are continuing to investigate.

Sunday, Oct 9

An Ipod, a JDSU cable meter and a bluetooth were reported stolen from a work truck parked on Doris Drive in Imperial. Entry was made into the truck by unscrewing the exterior radio antenna and wedging it between the passenger window and weatherstripping to unlock the door. The value of the stolen property was $3,350.

Saturday, Oct. 13

A homeowner on Harmony Lane in Arnold reported that $140 in cash and a gold necklace with a diamond pendant was stolen in a burglary. Entry was made into the home by prying a side door open.

Police canvassed the area and one neighbor said she saw another neighbor enter the side door of the home and didn't think anything about it since the man had been to that house before.

Police later found the man and arrested him for second-degree burglary. The man told police he did not commit the burglary. Charges are pending with the Jefferson County Prosecutor's Office.


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