New Traffic Cameras On Hwy 141 Concern Residents

Patch readers wonder if new red light cameras are being installed on Hwy 141 at the entrance to Arnold Crossroads.

The busy intersections around Hwy 141 in Arnold are already cluttered with power lines, traffic lights and numerous street signs, so don't feel bad if you haven't noticed that the number of cameras pointing at intersections has increased lately.

One Patch reader asked us to look into a couple of cameras that have sprouted up at the intersection of Hwy 141 and Arnold Crossroads, just east of Jeffco Blvd. The intersection is currently being improved due to the construction of a new CVS.

The reader was concerned that Arnold was installing more of those notorious “red light” cameras.

A call to the Arnold Police department confirmed that the new cameras belong to the Missouri Department of Transportation, which owns and maintains Hwy 141, a state road. The cameras are part of the Gateway Guide program which monitors traffic conditions with live video from their headquarters in Town and Country.

You can check out the video feeds yourself. MoDot monitors about 80 percent of the area’s highways and makes the video public.

The cameras do not record anything and are used to spot accidents and help MoDot time the lights at intersections. Before cameras were installed, MoDot used in-ground induction loops that are cut into the pavement, according to their website.

The Arnold police department wants to assure drivers that there are signs posted before all four sets of red light cameras in the city. Those cameras are at the intersections of Hwy 141 and Jeffco Blvd; Hwy 141 and Astra Way; Richardson Road and Vogel Road; and in front of Rockport Heights Elementary School on Jeffco Blvd.

Police say they only post a sign if you are approaching a camera’s field of view. There is no sign on west bound Hwy 141 as it approaches Jeffco Blvd. because the cameras at that intersection are only looking for red light violators traveling on Jeffco Blvd.


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