Two-Year DEA Investigation Stings 30 Residents in Meth Ring

Those arrested include residents in Maryland Heights, Bridgeton, St. Charles and much of North and Northwest St. Louis County.

A two-year U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency investigation brought 62 charges against 30 people involved in producing methamphetamine in St. Charles and St. Louis County.

Charges were filed in St. Louis County Circuit Court last week against people in web-like network of at least 25 people. Those involved in the meth ring include residents in Maryland Heights, Bridgeton, St. Charles, St. Ann, Overland, Breckenridge Hills, Woodson Terrace, St. John, Bel Ridge and unincorporated St. Louis County.

Information from the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s office indicates police still are seeking several people who have warrants out for their arrest.

Those facing charges in Patch areas include:

  • Erin Wells, 34, of the 3700 block of Burr Street in St. Charles
  • Daniel Wright, 48 of the 12000 block of Colonial Drive in Maryland Heights
  • Lisa Pangborn, 36, of the 3800 block of Raymond Street in Bridgeton
  • Tonya Collins, 37, of the 11300 block of Trieste in unincorporated St. Louis County north of Creve Coeur
  • Banta was charged Dec. 5 with second-degree trafficking in methamphetamine, providing material for meth manufacturing, two counts of child endangerment, possessing chemicals to make meth and possessing drug-related items to make meth.

    Others charged in the DEA investigation:

    • Jackie Hoskins, 33, of the 3500 block of Dixie Drive in St. Ann;
    • Samantha Wood, 22, of the 11000 block of St. Ambrose Lane in St. Ann;
    • Jerry Calvert, 58, of the 10100 block of Cabana Club Lane in St. Ann;
    • Marie A. Miller, 44, of the 9800 block of St. Charles Lane in St. Ann;
    • Bryant Blair, 29, of the 3100 block of Sherman Drive in St. Ann;
    • Tony Young, 44, of the 4100 block of Edmundson Road in Woodson Terrace;
    • Katrina Canup, 30, of the 4100 block of Edmundson Road in Woodson Terrace;
    • Thomas Gens, 27, of the 9700 block of Corregidor Avenue in Woodson Terrace;
    • Melissa Metze, 30, of the 9300 block of Harold Avenue in Woodson Terrace;
    • Aimee Guinn, 41, of the 4200 block of Calvert Avenue in Woodson Terrace.
    • Jennifer Baker, 35, of the 3200 block of Rex Avenue in Breckenridge Hills;
    • Amy Davis, 32, of the 3200 block of Rex Avenue in Breckenridge Hills;
    • Rowena Littlefawn MacDonald, of the 3300 block of South Gordon Avenue in Breckenridge Hills;
    • Scott Banta, 34, of the 8700 block of Argyle Avenue in Overland;
    • Shawn Embree, 33, of the 1900 block of Burns Avenue in Overland;
    • William Booth, 27, of the 3400 block of Charlack Avenue in St. John;
    • Jeffrey Kassel, 30, of the 3500 block of Gordon Avenue in St. John;
    • Nena Pierson, 25, of the 3500 block of East Edgar Avenue in Bel Ridge;
    • Sabrina Lawson, 28, of the 2800 block of Lyndhurst in St. Louis County near Bel Ridge.
    your December 13, 2012 at 10:13 PM
    Great Job to the DEA!!!
    Sscott December 14, 2012 at 01:52 AM
    Nice round up and the 2 years it took was nothing compaired to the many they took off the streets CONGRATS DEA
    Katie December 14, 2012 at 02:21 AM
    my name is Sabrina, my daughter Katie wanted me to post that comment I am clean and sober and this is a part of my past and we will move on
    Joe Scott December 14, 2012 at 03:24 PM
    Katie - That's great news. I should point out that most of the investigation took place from 2010 through 2011, so these charges really are things that happened one to two years ago.
    In my opinion December 14, 2012 at 04:52 PM
    I know some of these people because I grew up with them. The young girl Samantha wood is janice williams daughter. I believe she got her own daughter hooked on that s##t. How sad. She also has 2 or 3 kids and lost custody for awhile. I hope they take them away from that family for good now. Those poor kids. Their dad is also on the list Bryant Blair. I moved because the drugs are so bad around there. Thank God! I hope everyone involved get clean and sober before they spend the rest of their lives in prison, or god forbid dead.


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