Unlocked Doors Allow Thefts of Handgun, Laptop Computer

The following information was provided by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department.

Missing Handgun, Vogel Road, Arnold

An Arnold resident on Vogel Road reported missing a Smith & Wesson .38 revolver handgun and two music CDs on Feb. 5. Two friends were moving furniture at a Vogel Road residence that day, the deputy said in a statement. During that time, one of them decided to store his handgun in his friend's vehicle. Both people forgot about the gun's location, the report said. After moving the furniture, the friend drove home. The gun owner called and asked his friend to store the gun. When the friend went to his car, he learned the gun and two music CDs were missing. The deputies report said the vehicle was unlocked and investigators have no suspects.

Stolen laptop, Alder Lane, Arnold

On Feb. 15, deputies responded to a burglary at Alder Lane in Arnold. The homeowner said she was at work while her son remained at home. The son called his mother at about 1:45 p.m after returning from a nearby gas station. He said a black laptop computer and $200 in cash was missing. The son left the rear sliding glass door unlocked because he did not have a house key, the mother said. The deputy retrieved a fingerprint from the glass door.


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