Weird Crime: Selling Fake Heroin to Undercover Police

A roundup of odd, unusual and off-the wall crimes compiled from police reports around the St. Louis area.

Fake Heroin Sold to Real Cop

A St. Charles man sold two pieces of gravel to an undercover detective, telling him the rocks were raw heroin. The man had reportedly doctored the gravel to resemble heroin. The man's customer was an undercover police detective. The suspect said he was selling the fake heroin so he could buy the real thing for himself.

Man Eats Pancakes and Runs

A man ate a plate of pancakes Aug. 15 at the , 110 Kate Lane, Fenton, then left the restaurant without paying his bill. His license plate number was recorded as he drove off and officers located him at his house. He was arrested.

Hello There Officer!

St. Louis County Police officers met a 20-year-old South County man at 11:15 a.m. Aug. 16—as he was stepping through the window in a home he’d just burglarized. When the man realized he'd been caught red-handed, he fled from the officers, but was caught.

On the Theft Hot List

Eight boxes of flea and tick medicine were stolen Aug. 29 from PetSmart in Arnold.

A carved wooden bear, valued at $500, was stolen Aug. 17 from a home in Wentzville. The home was located on Bear Creek Drive.

A group of men stole $1,800 worth of Polo shirts from a store in St. Peters by hiding them in a trash bag.

Two women were apparently so anxious to get at the laptop they took from Walmart that they opened the box the computer was in and discarded it at a nearby Walgreens store. After being alerted to the incident a Walmart surveillance record revealed the laptop, valued at $500, was stolen by the two women. A police investigation led to their arrest.


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