Arnold City Council Approves Paving of Walking Trail and More

The trail along the Meramec River will be repaved before the annual Gobble-Gobble Run in November.

At its last meeting, the Arnold City Council agreed to pave Old Hollywood Beach Road, a former residential road that is now part of the trail system for Arnold City Park. The trail is closed to vehicular traffic and can be accessed from a parking lot and boat ramp on the Meramec River in the park.

In other business, the city approved a perpetual utility easement on the property of Heiligtag-Lang-Fendler Funeral Home. The easement is needed to run utilities to the new CVS Pharmacy being constructed next door.

The developer had originally sought an easement agreement directly between CVS and the funeral home, but city officials said the home's parent company felt more comfortable granting the easement to the city. The funeral home sold the easement to Arnold for $10.

The new CVS Pharmacy is being constructed near Highway 141 and Jeffco Boulevard.

Also at the meeting, Ward 2 Councilman Bill Moritz reported attending a meeting at the Missouri Municipal League, where he heard a presentation on engaging the community.

“There’s just all kinds of ways to do it," Moritz said. "The speaker gave a real good example of Grand Rapids, MI. There was a Newsweek article a while back that Grand Rapids was rated No. 10 of the dying cities of America. The city council had no idea what to do.”

Moritz told the council how Rob Bliss approached the council with an idea to create a YouTube video of the city. The video went viral, giving the city positive publicity as millions tuned into watch.

Moritz played the entire 10-minute video of 5000 Grand Rapids citizens lip-syncing Don McLean’s “American Pie” for the council and audience. Several council members could be seen bobbing their heads as they quietly sang along with the video.

nancy fletcher October 12, 2012 at 03:36 AM
As a regular visitor at Arnold City Park as well as the dog park within the park i would ask the decision malers to reconsider repacing the pea gravel they put in the dog park area with sand or mulch as the pea gravel is hot (scorching this past summer) on the dogs paws and difficult to walk / run on. It was much nicer b4 this addition. Also filling in under the kids swings with more fill, mulch, dirt or whatever would make for a nicer/cleaner experience for the kids as well as the parents/grandparents trying to avoid the mudd puddles after a rain...


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