Astra Way Closing for 3 Weeks Next Monday

Crews will begin to install the new roundabout and two other road projects for Astra Way on Monday, June 18.

The City of Arnold will close a section of Astra Way Drive on June 18. The closure will affect drivers going to the , the and . 

The road will be closed for about three weeks, City Public Works Director Bryson Baker said during a question-and-answer session at the Arnold Recreation Center, 1695 Missouri State Road, on Thursday, June 7.

Drivers will need to turn onto Old Lemay Ferry Road, from Hwy. 141, then turn right on to Missouri State Road towards the intersection with Astra Way Drive, Baker said, to arrive at one of the three buildings.

“We would like drivers to move through an intersection with a traffic light to moderate the traffic flow through the area,” Baker said. 

Flaggers will be on the road to assure a safe flow of traffic around the construction area, Baker said. Children walking to library or recreation center should make eye contact with flaggers to assure a safe crossing through the construction area.

The closure will cut about 45 days from three road projects for the area of Astra Way Drive, Hwy. 141 and Missouri State Road, Baker said.

A new roundabout will be installed for the Astra Way Drive intersection with Missouri State Road; the pavement along Astra Way Drive will be improved between Hwy. 141 and Missouri State Road; and at the intersection of Astra Way and Hwy. 141 the traffic signals will be improved, the median will be removed, and new turning lanes will be installed.

The three projects will take a total of about 95 working days to complete, Baker said.

Contactor Adam Abernathy said specialists will work Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on the projects “We might have to work an occasional midnight shift, to remain on schedule, in case rain stops work on the projects.”

The city and crews will likely warn neighbors if any nighttime work occurs.

“We want to get these projects done fast,” Arnold Director of Administration Greg Hall said.

The city asked the Missouri Department of Transportation, which issued the funds for two of the projects, to delay construction work when funding for the third project appeared, Hall said.

The contracts require the money to be spent at certain times of the year, Hall said.

When funding for the third project was granted, the city decided working on the three projects at the same time would cause the least amount of inconvenience for drivers, Hall said.

People with questions about the project should call 636-282-6650.

Reba Jannd June 14, 2012 at 06:16 PM
Do the engineers or planners or whoever it is that has started putting these round-abouts in the area actually use them or try to pretend that they save money or time or reduce traffic accidents or injuries? After spending time waiting and using the round-about on Metropolitan in Barnhart I have learned to save time and stress by avoiding the area at all costs. Drivers are so determined to get into the round-about that they do not pay attention half of the time but rather force their way in out of turn. I have used the round-abouts outside of the country, where they have been in place for many years, and almost every time there has been at least one accident prior to my arrival. I will avoid the area in the future.


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