Destruction Progress: Astra Way and Hwy. 141

Workers are in the second week of a three-week project that has closed the intersection in front of the Jefferson County Library, Arnold Recreation Center and Jefferson College.

On June 18, the City of Arnold closed a section of Astra Way bordered by Hwy. 141 and by Missouri State Road for three weeks.

Construction crews will need to raze the asphalt and concrete on the road sections prior to installing a roundabout for the Astra Way Drive intersection with Missouri State Road; repaving Astra Way Drive between Hwy. 141 and Missouri State Road; and improving traffic signals, removing the median and installing new turn lanes at the intersection of Astra Way and Hwy. 141.

The work is expected to improve traffic flow and reduce vehicle wrecks at the entrance way to , and .

The images above show the crews have razed the road at the intersections and are working to remove the remaining project area of Astra Way.

"We'll work on Thursday and Friday, out in the 100 degree heat, to complete the project," said crewman eating lunch under a shade tree on Tuesday.

He said he and all his teammates will bring plenty of Gatorade and water, and watch each other to assure no one endures heatstroke while working on the project.

Charmaine Puttman June 28, 2012 at 04:04 AM
Has anyone considered how it's going to work when Sherwood School's buses get caught taking all the room in this roundabout? 4 + buses =1 big mess. It's elementary. Arnold. LOL


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