Doris Borgelt Will Run for Mayor in Arnold

The Ward 1 Councilwoman's announcement comes only days after Mayor Ron Counts announced his intention to run too.

has announced her intention to run for mayor of Arnold in April 2013.

Borgelt, 56, currently serves as a Ward 1 Councilwoman, a position she was elected to in 2011. She also serves on the city's finance and economic development committees, and was previously a part of the .

"I am running because I would like city government to be more accessible to the people," said Borgelt in an interview with Patch. "And more accountable."

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She referred to the city's recent practice of posting warrants and financial reports online as ways of increasing accountability.

Borgelt also previously recorded city council meetings and posted videos online until city officials began the practice.

"Not everyone can come to meetings. They have jobs and kids," Borgelt said.

Borgelt's announcement comes days after stating his intention to run for re-election. Counts, who was first elected mayor in April 2009, has been the owner of Counts Auto Body in Arnold for more than 37 years.

When asked about a potential race against Counts, Borgelt said, "I see things a little differently than he does."

Borgelt works as a real estate agent for Gateway Real Living. She moved to Arnold in the late 1990s, and has two daughters and two sons.

Filing for the April 2013 election opens in December 2012. Mayoral terms run for four years.

Jim West September 18, 2012 at 03:06 AM
Now thats FUNNY. She has not done anything for the people of Ward 1 except being a snoop in the other wards. And she is wanting to be MAYOR???? If she does the same thing as Mayor for the city of Arnold as she did in Ward 1 which is NOTHING, then this city is going to be in trouble. Yeah she is going to be a "Great" Mayor alright, she is like a bump on a log now.
Linda Van de Riet September 21, 2012 at 05:50 PM
Yes, she sees things a little differently alright. It doesn't surprise me she's had no time to take care of her own Ward. If she would get elected, it would be Gestapo- land in Arnold for sure. She's nothing but a snoop and she's busy seeing other people's business instead of her own. Doris is just another dog looking to suck off the people of Arnold. Hey, Doris, I asked you this once before will you do as I did for the Council and work for zero wages for the City of Arnold for two months? I know you won't - you yap at other people about what they do, but you're just looking for a ride yourself.
Doris Borgelt September 21, 2012 at 08:29 PM
Ah Linda, there you go again with the Gestaposim. Did you not read the part stating I have family members who were in concentration camps, one who escaped in a coal car? How dare you make that implication. No, Linda, I will not work for free, but unlike you I manage to carry out my duties, something you were either unable or unwilling to do for the Jefferson County Council the many months for which you collected an $800 check each month. You did not work for the County Council for free, you may have volunteered temporarily, but as even you should know, volunteers do just that! As soon as you could, you collected a check. I, on the other hand, was elected and I work very hard for the citizens of Arnold and will continue to do so as Mayor. JIm West, It is a well-known fact that you dislike me greatly and will do anything you can to discredit or dissuade me from public office. You have gone so far as to threaten me physically in the past! I was not intimidated by you then and I will not be intimidated by you now. I am allowed to traverse ward lines. This is not a territory that I am restricted to, I work for ALL of the citizens in all of the wards. You have no idea what I do on a daily basis. When people call, I answer. I go visit, I document the specific problem they are having and I follow through and will continue to do so.
Jim West September 23, 2012 at 03:07 PM
LOL now that is funny. Your right but those citizens did not elect you the citizens of ward one elected you and you haven't done a damn thing but snoop around in other wards poking your nose were it doesn't belong. We need sidewalks on tenbrook so that our kids can walk safely down the street we need lighting in the neighborhoods for people to take a walk at night or better yet SAFETY. I have another safety issue that comes to mind what about the light at tenbrook at jeffco? My kid and your kid drive to school what is it going to take to get you to do something about that intersection? My kid or your kid getting broadsided by a person trying to make the light? I hope not. Have you even checked into these things or are you still trying to find out who was invited to the christmas party last year? You have done nothing for this ward or the city of arnold except start stupid lawsuits with your buddies then complain about the city attorney charging too much for the city. Yes Doris I dislike you big deal Im not the only one believe me. As far as me trying to dissuade you from office, sweetie your doing that all by yourself you don't need any help from me. Just keep passing out your silly little flyers to the public and telling people you work for them and we will keep laughing. When you lose the mayor race one good thing is that we will have two people representing Ward one instead of one person.Then you can go back to your little corner in council chambers recording meetings
Doris Borgelt September 23, 2012 at 05:13 PM
The sidewalks have been an issue for many years, long before I was elected to office. There are issues with obtaining easements and the procuring the money to complete the project. The school hierarchy was the latest to put the kibosh on obtaining a grant to do the sidewalks because, evidently, they prefer that students ride the bus instead of walking. The light at Tenbrook and Jeffco has also been a bone of contention for many years. Before being elected to office, I volunteered to direct traffic in the morning and afternoon for the safety of the kids. That was after being denied a police officer to perform this task, which is how it is done in neighboring areas. MODot has been contacted numerous times, by our State Representative, myself and other city officials. It is their light and they so far, are refusing to put a left turn arrow in, which would definitely alleviate the problem and make things much safer for our student and adult drivers frequenting that intersection. In case you haven't noticed, I am only one member of an eight person council. It was stated the day I took office that it would be seven against one. Guess who the one is? It isn't really seven against one, though, it is seven against all the people in Ward 1 and the rest of the citizens that I represent. Fortunately, other council members have seen the light and figured out that situation is not fair to the people and are starting to take a different stance. Progress!


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