Facts about Roundabouts

A 4-minute and an 8-minute video posted by the Missouri Department of Transportation explains the benefits of roundabouts.

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The city and the Missouri Department of Transportation want the public to know the benefits of roundabouts.

MoDOT video, referenced on the City of Arnold website, cites a research study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety that says roundabouts are able to more quickly increase the flow of traffic through an intersection while also having

  • a 39 percent reduction in all collisions
  • a 76 percent decline in injuries
  • 89 percent fewer fatal or incapacitating injuries and
  • 50 percent fewer pedestrian injuries.

The reasons for the reductions are drivers must drive at lower speeds to navigate roundabouts and because there are fewer possible collision points in a roundabout than in the traditional intersection, the MoDOT video said. Roundabouts have eight possible collision points, traditional intersections have between 20-30 collision points.

Roundabouts are also less expensive to operate and maintain, the video said, and are more environmentally friendly.

Roundabouts do not have traffic signals or light poles, so they do not need electricity. Cars stop for a shorter period of time and emit less exhaust at a roundabout.


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