Ken Moss: 'I Didn't Do Anything'

The Arnold councilman denies Susie Boone's allegations that he harassed her for two years after his sister was fired was fired from the Parks Department.

Arnold Councilman Ken Moss says he has never harassed Susie Boone, the city's parks and recreation director.

In October, Boone went public alleging Ward 4 Councilman Ken Moss had harassed her for more than two years after his sister was fired from the Parks Department. Boone filed a complaint with the city and the Missouri Commission on Human Rights. 

Boone said the agency responded that it couldn't do anything because it was not within its realm. Boone's lawyer filed a second complaint with the commission on Dec. 20. 

The city recently released the results of a $6,800 independent investigation into the matter. According to the summary, Boone's claim has merit. Moss and others have questioned the validity of the report.

In the investigation, Boone makes several allegations, some of which include Moss:

  • Sending a lengthy email to the council and Park and Leisure Board in September 2010 complaining that the city didn't have a beverage cart for a fundraising event at Pomme Creek Golf Course;
  • Interrupting her during numerous meetings and one interview in September 2010; 
  • Telling the city administrator that she was rude during a November 2010 meeting on the Arnold Volunteer Program;
  • Accusing her of not properly reviewing a bid for fireworks in February 2011;
  • Referring to her using expletives in front of a part-time parks employee in September 2012.

"Was I mad that my sister was fired?" Moss said in an interview with Patch. "Yes. But I didn't harass Ms. Boone."

Moss, who served on the Parks and Leisure Board prior to being elected councilman, told Patch it is his job as a councilman to make sure things are run correctly in the city.

"I've requested things regarding the parks and recreation center because neither entities are breaking even," he said. "It had nothing to do with Ms. Boone."

When Patch asked about whether he talked about Boone to others, Moss said, "It's freedom of speech. The investigation has her claiming I harassed her. I didn't."

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Mary Colantone January 03, 2013 at 04:13 PM
My best guess would be that the folks running for mayor can't take the compettion so they had to grap any straw they could . You can put a sign at my house any day! We need some new honest blood in office, I'm sick of hearing the kindergardeners bickering over nothing. They act like bullies and show their back-sides so often I can't believe it!


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