McCaherty Picked As Caucus Chaplain, Committee Chairman

McCaherty has been selected to be chairman of House International Trade Committee and chaplain of the House Republican Caucus.

State Rep. John McCaherty, R-Murphy, has been elected selected by House Speaker Tim Jones, R-Eureka, to serve as chairman of the House International Trade Committee for the 97th Missouri General Assembly.

McCaherty also was named by the Missouri House Republican Caucus to serve as caucus chaplain for the 97th General Assembly. McCaherty, who also serves as the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Murphy, will lead the caucus in prayer to open its meetings and provide spiritual guidance to his colleagues.

Of his House International Trade Committee post, McCaherty hopes to lead his colleagues as they seek innovative policy solutions that will create new international trade opportunities for Missouri businesses. House Speaker Tim Jones, R-Eureka, selected McCaherty to serve as chairman of the House International Trade Committee for the 97th General Assembly.

McCaherty previously was vice chairman of the House Committee on International Trade and Job Creation for the 96th General Assembly. Jones said McCaherty’s experience as vice chairman and his two decades of success in small business make him the ideal choice to lead the committee.

“Rep. McCaherty has proven to be an effective leader and a strong advocate for business owners and job creators here in Missouri,” Jones said. “I’m confident John can help lead us toward policy solutions that will expand our existing international trade partnerships and develop exciting new opportunities for Missouri businesses with trade partners around the globe.”

As chairman of the House International Trade Committee, McCaherty will preside over committee hearings and be responsible for all legislation referred to the committee for consideration. He will work with his vice chairman, state Rep. T.J. Berry, R-Kearney, to guide the members of his committee as they work together to craft legislation that will bolster Missouri’s economy by developing new opportunities for international trade.

“Our state is blessed with a proud tradition of agriculture and a wealth of enterprising and industrious business owners who have products that are in demand in countries around the globe,” McCaherty said. “We have the opportunity to provide an enormous boost to our state’s economy by opening the door for new trade partners and expanding the markets where Missouri products are available. I look forward to working with the members of my committee this year to develop legislation that will make the most of the immense potential our state has to be a true force in the global economy.”

The first regular session of the 97th General Assembly began Wednesday and runs until May 17. McCaherty and the members of his committee will hold their first public hearing in the coming weeks.

Jones commented on McCaherty's selection as Reublican Caucus chairman.

“John is a man of faith and someone who, with his words and actions, has earned a deep level of respect and admiration from the members of our caucus,” Jones said. “It gives me great comfort to know he will be there to counsel and pray with our members in times of need.”

The House Republican Caucus is made up of 109 members from all parts of the state. The caucus holds a veto-proof super majority in the Missouri House. McCaherty said he plans to keep his door open to all members of the House should they need his ministry.

“I’m honored and blessed to have the support of my caucus to hold this important position,” said McCaherty. “I have spent my first two years in the House sharing my ministry in an unofficial capacity with those who need it. Now I am excited to work with my caucus members and to serve as their Chaplain during the difficult months ahead when we will certainly need to turn to the Lord for support and guidance.”

Editor's note: This information was provided by the Office of Rep. John McCaherty.


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