Moss Says He Was Asked to Resign in September

The Arnold councilman, who's been accused of harassing a city employee, claims the entire situation was politically motivated. Mayor Ron Counts calls Moss' statements "ludicrous."

Arnold Councilman Ken Moss says he was asked to resign from his position in September over allegations that he harassed the city's parks and recreation director.

Moss, of Ward 4, told Patch that during the Sept. 20 closed city council session on personnel matters, he was asked to leave the room. He said that 40 minutes later, Mayor Ron Counts, Police Chief/Acting City Administrator Robert Shockey and City Attorney Bob Sweeney took him to a room in the Police Department and asked him to resign.

"They told me Ms. Boone had a list of allegations," he said. "They said that she was going to file a complaint and a lawsuit against the city unless I resigned from my position immediately and agreed not to run for public office while she was an employee."

Moss, who has filed to run for the mayor's seat in 2013, told Patch he had not known anything about any complaints until that time, and that he feels the entire situation was politically motivated. He said Counts and Ward 1 Councilwoman Doris Borgelt made their intentions of running for mayor early on.

"The mayor mentioned that he knew I was thinking about running (for mayor)," Moss told Patch. "He told me that when Ms. Boone was done (with her employment), I could come back and run for mayor after his second term. I guess they (the council) thought I was really going to resign."

In regard to Moss' comments about what took place during the meeting between him, Moss, Shockey and Sweeney, Counts said, "What kind of ludicrous statement is that? All we did was explain his options. That conversation did not take place."

Counts said he, Shockey and Sweeney explained what had occurred in regard to Boone's claims and gave Moss some options to consider. Counts said the group explained to Moss that he could do nothing, be sanctioned or resign.

"I told him (Moss) that he might want to consider resigning because he's a young guy with a business, and this isn't going to look good," Counts told Patch. "I don't have the power to make him resign. My job was to bring the situation before council."

Additionally, Counts told Patch that after the Sept. 20 meeting, Moss was given the option to make a public apology to Boone, who then would agree to "drop everything."

"He (Moss) refused," Counts said. "He (Moss) needs to man up and take responsibility."

Patch was unable to reach Shockey or Sweeney for comment.

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Matt Hay January 03, 2013 at 05:18 PM
"I told him (Moss) that he might want to consider resigning because he's a young guy with a business, and this isn't going to look good," Counts told Patch. Why does this sound like something directly out of a mobster movie? Blackmail, defined as (2) "Blackmail", any threat to reveal damaging or embarrassing information about a person to that person's spouse, family, associates, or the public at large, including a threat to expose any secret tending to subject any person to hatred, contempt, or ridicule; under Missouri Law, is a Class A Misdemeanor for the First Offense. This statement by Counts alone, if accurate, seems to be an admission to the act of blackmail as it is clearly implied that the release of such information will damage his business, and more than acts as a wavier of his 5th Amendment right to self incrimination. Counts needs to be held responsible, as do any of the others who are involved in this contrived farce.


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