Navigating a Roundabout

A 4-minute and an 8-minute video posted by the Missouri Department of Transportation explains how to use and drive through roundabouts.

When Arnold’s new roundabout on Astra Way opens in the fall, a few people will be unfamiliar with procedure of driving through it.

The roundabout will be in front of the entrance to the , the  and .

The City of Arnold and the Missouri Department of Transportation provided a video explaining how to use a roundabout.

  • When approaching a roundabout check the traffic flow—roundabouts have one-way traffic
  • Stop or yield to any traffic in the roundabout that may harm you or your vehicle
  • Proceed when there is a safe opening in traffic for you and your vehicle
  • Follow the roundabout until you see your desired street, then exit the roundabout 

The video also says that a raised truck apron borders the center of most roundabouts. The apron helps long and large vehicles navigate the roundabout by raising the rear wheels and allowing the vehicles to make the turns through the roundabout.


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