Poachers May Have Killed Albino Deer in Arnold

Mayor Ron Counts and Police Chief Robert Shockey want to buy patrol all-terrain vehicles to stop poaching in city limits.

Mayor Ron Counts announced a warning to people poaching animals within Arnold’s city limits.

“They are going to have some real problems. We do have laws in Arnold,” Counts said during the City Council meeting Thursday at City Hall, 2101 Jeffco Blvd.

Three albino deer roam freely through the city and its parks, Counts said to council members and people attending the meeting.

Counts heard that someone had illegally hunted and killed one of the deer within the city boundaries.

Counts said he was disturbed and bothered by this.

A few residents said they were uncomfortable entering city parks because they saw people carrying hunting weapons on the grounds, Counts said.

“We have kids around there,” City Administrator Matt Unrein said.

Councilmen Bill Moritz and Paul Freese said they saw a busted gate in the Peerview Lane area, which is near Arnold City Park. They saw the gate while volunteering in the Clean Stream trash pickup event in March.

Ward 1 Councilman Doris Borgelt said she saw deer stands and feeding stations in the area.

Police Chief Robert Shockey said his department needs one or two all-terrain vehicles to quickly and safely patrol the area for poachers.

Shockey and Counts said they were reviewing fundraisers to buy the ATVs.


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