Political Rewind: $5 Billion in Stimulus Spending, But How Many Jobs?

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Editor's Note: This article was created by aggregating news articles from Missouri Watchdog.

$5 billion in stimulus spending, but how many jobs?

The stimulus bill has poured nearly $5 billion into Missouri, but the impact to the Show Me State is murky because of how the program accounts for jobs created.

Congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009, funneling more than $800 billion in federal funds across the country during the recession with the objective of creating new jobs or saving existing ones.

The bill even set up an accounting board and website, where people could easily track where the money is going and for what it’s being used.

What it didn’t do was make it easy to determine exactly how many people are employed because of these stimulus funds. The guidance written by the Office of Management and Budget requires the quarterly accounting of jobs, but it does not make recipients break down which are new jobs, and which are ongoing.

No appeal on judge appointment measure as election officials ready ballots

As time runs out on a final appeal concerning a general election measure, officials are ready to send ballots to military and overseas absentee voters.

The Missouri Court of Appealsruled Monday that the summary language written by Secretary of State Robin Carnahan for Constitutional Amendment 3 would stand. The amendment will ask voters on Nov. 6 if they want to give the governor more authority in determining the makeup of the panel that nominates the state’s high court judges.

The eight plaintiffs in the case still could appeal to the Missouri Supreme Court.

Their attorney, Eddie Greim, told Missouri Watchdog on Wednesday that “no decision has been made yet.”

Secretary of State communications director Stacie Temple said she’s not sure if there’s an absolute deadline for an appeal, “but as a practical matter they are running out of time.”

Second court sides with Carnahan, but further appeal could still delay ballots

The Missouri Court of Appeals ruled late Monday thatSecretary of State Robin Carnahan’s ballot summary on an amendment regarding judge appointments can stand.

This still doesn’t clear the path for the state to print general election ballots, however, because the plaintiffs  in the case still can appeal the case to the Missouri Supreme Court.

The appeals court ruled unanimously in favor of the summary.

This amendment, which Missouri voters will consider during the Nov. 6 election, would give the governor more authority in appointing an extra member to the commission that nominates judges for the Court of Appeals and Missouri Supreme Court. It would also allow the governor to appoint more lawyers to that panel.

No ballots until judge rules on election measure appeal

Parties involved in an appeal over the language of a state amendment for judge appointments wait as the deadline to prepare general election ballots approaches.

The western division of the Missouri Court of Appeals heard arguments Thursday regarding an initial ruling by a Cole County judge that does not change the original ballot summary penned by Secretary of State Robin Carnahan. 

The summary will ask voters on Nov. 6 if they want to give more latitude to the governor in appointing members of the commission that nominates judges for the Missouri Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.

Eight Missouri residents filed a lawsuit challenging the language.



John Ellis October 01, 2012 at 05:50 PM
The real problem now is that the Federal Reserve is printing money and pumping it into the economy. The Fed has promised to buy $40 billion of mortgage securities a month until the economy improves. Here we go again... down the rabbit hole. This is not money authorized by our Congress. It's helping to make it appear that things are getting better, but this is just more accumulated debt that will continue to drive the value of the dollar down and create long term inflation. It's no surprise that this occurs at election time. Their policy is do whatever for the short-term screw the future.
PaulRevere October 01, 2012 at 06:58 PM
Sensible , My abacus is never wrong. 6.2% to 4.2% is a 2% tax cut for all working Americans. Anyone earning $100,000 in 2011 & 2012 Did not have to pay 2% in soc Sec Tax. That is $2,000 direct (immediate) tax relief for ONLY THE WORKING people. (note-working people-it excludes Teachers). In 2012 it included employers. Now that comes to $150Bil in 2011 and $300Bil in 2012= $450Bil in Soc Sec taxes NOT collected by our govt. (The great tax heist of Retired People) That's pumping more stimulus than reported into an economy. TheMissourian obviously agrees with my outing this Payroll tax cut "stimulus" add on. But still cannot calculate 135mil workers earning an average $50,000. getting 2% tax refunds for 2 years. add the employer also getting it in 2012. Folks, This President Has borrowed every penny to float this economy, not upright it. He will not have one extra penney to spend in 2013 , if he gets re-elected. This economy's life support is the Payroll Tax cuts that are Stealing all Retired people funds. It is costing over $250Bil a year and None of You knew it. It's off the budget , because There is no budget. Now you know why., Go ahead Democrats- Stick for the Party name, because the Truth will come automatically , when the "TEMPORARY" Payroll tax cuts must stop on Jan 1st 2013. Then , the media will be forced to report what you hear me write first. Obama's "uninformed voter" party will rebel sometime in the next 4 years. All retired should vote against Dems.
PaulRevere October 01, 2012 at 07:16 PM
Thanks to Sensible: Here is exact copy of your article link: "For a worker earning $50,000, the tax will drop from $3,100 to $2,100, allowing the worker to keep (and hopefully spend) $1,000 more in take-home pay". (That's $2,000 for $100,000 earner) According to the White House, the one-time, temporary cut will put about $120 billion into the pockets of more than 155 million workers. (Now it's 2 times 2011&2012 plus Employer gets cut in 2012= 120+120+120=$360B) My number is $400B. Your link goes on: "But clearly there will be new pressure on the available pool of general tax revenue, unless the $120 billion generates so many new jobs so fast that an army of newly employed workers fills the coffers of the Internal Revenue Service with unanticipated tax revenue. No one expects that to happen, "at least not quickly. "So the GOVERNMENT WOULD HAVE TO BORROW to make Social Security WHOLE. That, in turn, would make the short-term deficit WORSE- WORSE-WORSE. So Congress might not vote to replenish the trust fund." So Congres might not Replenish the FUND. TRANSLATION---ALL RETIRED PEOPLE JUST SUSTAINED THE GREATEST HEIST OF THEIR RETIREMENT DOLLARS IN HISTORY. OVER $400Bil lost. That should make social security a quicker bankruptcy candidate. Democrats think and treat the elderly as "FOOLS", while they show others throwing grandma off the cliff. Any person who does not see this happening is "unAmerican", and Unpatriotic to the Aged. Sensible proved all my points.
The Missourian October 01, 2012 at 07:22 PM
"TheMissourian obviously agrees with my outing this Payroll tax cut "stimulus" add on." Not really. My point is if that were the case, big deal. You do what it takes, even if that means taking the back door. In other words, I think it would have been completely reasonable, given the high level of crazy the 2010 elections put in Congress. Play to win.
John Ellis October 01, 2012 at 11:36 PM
The only problem with your calculation now is the employer's are not getting a 2% discount in the FICA tax.


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