Fox Football Grabs Big Win Against Marquette Friday

The first half of the Fox vs Marquette game was played in a steady drizzle, turning the field into a mud slick and the sidelines into a swampy puddle.

By the end of the game, some players were coated head to toe in muck. But the Fox football players didn't care.

“That’s a gigantic victory,” Coach Brent Tinker said to his team as they took a knee on the field after Friday night’s game against Marquette. “You defended your home territory.”

Photos of the game are available on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ArnoldPatch

Both teams scored only once in the first quarter, with Marquette junior Matt Scheibel drawing first blood. A few minutes later Fox junior Ramonz Jones evened the score with a 69-yard rushing touchdown.

Marquette and Fox seemed evenly match during the first half, tying the game twice, at 7 points and then at 14. But Marquette put their final numbers on the board with six minutes to go in the second quarter when junior Corley Collin kicked a 23-yard field goal to end the first half at 14 to 17.

After that it was all Fox.

Fox tied the game back up in the third period with a field goal. Then senior wide receiver Tyler Brewer bought home a touchdown from a 20-yard pass from junior quarterback Tyler Thompson.

With three minutes to go, wide receiver Tray Hubbard scored on a 60-yard rushing touchdown. Thompson completed a pass to Brewer for the two point conversion, bringing the final score to 31-17.

Patch caught up with Coach Tinker after the game and asked him how he felt about his team.

The defense played well, the offensive line play well. They made mistakes, but my gosh, they fought hard tonight.

Quarterback Tyler Thompson had a very good game, Tyler Brewer was all over the field and I can’t hardly talk about the team without bringing up Greg Abeyta and Tyler Giunta. The kids played great. I’m very pleased.

I truly believe that Marquette played a great football game. They worked hard. But I’m proud of this team. And for the community—we’re getting back on track. We had a couple bad weeks in a row there, so we could not be happier. I love these kids. And we get to go play again next week. The last schedule home game here, depending on how playoffs go, we’re going to make another one.


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