Fox Vs Seckman: This Rivalry is in the House

Fox’s superintendent will have a hard time deciding who to root for at Friday’s Fox vs. Seckman varsity football game.

Who will Dr. Dianne Critchlow root for Friday night when both of the varsity football teams face off? or Seckman? A superintendent should never favor one school over another, but Critchlow has more reasons than most administrators to stay neutral.

On the one hand, her son, Tyler Brewer is a senior at Fox High School and will be starting for the Warriors as a receiver and safety. On the other hand, her husband is Seckman's Head Coach Jamie Critchlow.

“My house is quite interesting now,” she told Patch before the . Her husband was there to chow down for the Jaguars while her son was cheering for the Warriors.

Dr. Critchlow said Tyler and his stepdad have made a bet for Friday’s game. Whoever loses the game has to wear a T-shirt from the winning team to school the next week.

Patch asked Coach Critchlow what it’s like to have a rival player under the same roof.

“Tyler and I have our own individual practices with our teams every afternoon,” he said. “As a coach I understand what parents sometimes try to instill in their kids abilities on the game field. I am not at his practices, therefore, the only advice or suggestions I can give him is to do his best, execute what his coaches ask him to do and be a team player.”

“Coach Tinker is a quality guy and the kids that play for him will become better human beings because of that,” he added.

They don’t have time to practice skills at home, but they do talk a lot about football.

“We talk a lot about the game itself; his strengths, abilities and the bragging rights that will incur after the game. I typically will find a few great things to discuss with him after watching him play,” he said.

Coach Critchlow said he comes from a football family himself.

“My dad played in the CFL for several years and I learned from him the art of supporting our children’s coaches.  We all know when something negative happens the fingers start to point at us as coaches,” he said.

“Our house has been a fun environment for some time now.  Of course I’m severely outnumbered with all the Fox graduates in the family,” Coach Critchlow said.



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