Extra Security at Fox Schools Planned With Unexpected Bond Money

The district is projecting an unanticipated $4.5 million from the issuance of bonds. The money will be used to pay for security measures like buzzer systems for each building.

In light of the recent Sandy Hook school shootings, extra security measures are in the works for the Fox School District. And they'll be paid for with unexpected money earned from the $18.5 million capital improvement bond issue that voters approved in August.

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In November, the district earned an extra $2.5 million when half of the bonds were issued, Superintendent Dianne Critchlow explained in a letter on the district's website. The district is anticipating another $2 million when the rest of the bonds are issued in late spring.

"You may ask yourself, how can this occur?" Critchlow said in the letter. "As much as we would like to predict the market, we can’t. However, all the stars aligned (and the market) for the school district...  I feel very fortunate that we have the extra monies to spend on our children’s safety."

The district is currently in the bidding process for buzzer systems with the hope of installing a system in each building as soon as possible, Critchlow said in the letter. Previous plans to move the district's administrative offices to the Fox C-6 Service Center have been put on hold to focus on improving student safety.

The district will also seek advice on other school safety measures from the community in a Safety Summit set for Jan. 31 at 6 p.m. The event will be held at the Service Center at 849 Jeffco Blvd. Registration is required for the event, and seating is limited. You can reserve your seat here.

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Connie Bequette January 14, 2013 at 02:55 PM
I really hope there is enough $$ to do some updating in the bathrooms, Fox High in particular. Some of the existing ones are positively gross. Security should always be a top priority, of course, but they managed to find money for the football fields, put a roof on at the wrong time if year & make a lot of folks sick. I invite anyone to tour these bathrooms & you will understand.
Matt Hay January 14, 2013 at 03:45 PM
Okay, so I admit that I have not read the syndication or prospectus for this issue, and while she couches this in "Oh, isn't it great terms", that is one heck of a deviation. Someone obviously either loused up, or the public was intentionally mislead and this was strategic to create a slush/petty cash fund. So, that leads me to the real question.....why are we making lists of wants when this was presented to the taxpayers as "needs?" Why not use the unexpected windfall to pre-refund a portion of the notes beyond that which was approved, and save the tax payers money? Despite the flowery and glowing language, that is the real issue here. The funds should be used to retire a portion of the obligations, as it is obvious that these funds are going to be sunk and not used for capital improvements. This seems a bit like when the City of Arnold overtaxed for Strawberry Creek, and then instead of returning the money, or using it for Strawberry Creek, they pocketed it, and put it in a slush fund (General Fund), with the argument that since it was overage, it wasn't earmarked.


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