Bienvenido to La Pachanga's Fresh Mexican Cuisine

Arnold's La Pachanga delivers fresh Mexican flavors daily for customers who dine in or carry out.

La Pachanga welcomes each guest with a hearty Bienvenido (that’s welcome in Spanish) and the traditional basket of chips and salsa. 

“We always say welcome because we’re really glad to have you here,” said the La Pachanga server with a smile. “We even print bienvenido on our menu.”

La Pachanga is tucked into the Jefferson County Plaza off Vogel Road. Its menu is extensive, containing the expected combination plates and the unexpected house expecialdades emphasizing the flavors of Jalisco, Mexico. One example is the Carnitas, a popular Jalisco recipe that slow simmers pork tips in a spicy citrus kissed sauce, which is eaten folded into flour tortillas. Beef eaters will appreciate the Tacos Carne Azada, prepared with a peppery marinated skirt steak finished with pico sauce.

Chile Relleno fans will welcome the effort La Pachanga takes to use fresh Anaheim chilies. Anaheim chiles have a subtle bite of heat that complements the Mexican queso that’s stuffed inside. Chile rellenos are served in pairs and plated with beans and rice.

Among the House Grill Expecialidades are steaks and shrimp. Top grill picks: the fiery T-bone Diabla, a sauced with green hot sauce and Arroz Camaarones, a mild mélange of shrimp and seasoned rice.

Burritos are a noted menu specialty numbering eight different styles. The standout on the list is the Burrito Mexican, filled with mushroom, chicken and veggies that are draped in cheese sauce. Quesadillas, enchiladas, chimis, fajitas and nachos are traditional menu favorites with the combination dinners, the best buy for the buck, priced at $7.49.

La Pachanga is located at 3797 Vogel Road. Contact: 636-287-6611.


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