Drug Bust at Value Place Ends With Man Swallowing Heroin

The 23-year-old St. Louis man, who was staying at the Arnold hotel, was taken to St. Anthony's Medical Center. Arnold police are continuing to investigate the incident.

Arnold police received a call on New Year's Eve from security officers at Value Place at 888 Arnold Commons, who had detained a man in possession narcotics.

When police arrived, the 23-year-old St. Louis man became combative and attempted to swallow numerous capsules filled with heroin. He was restrained and later taken to St. Anthony's Medical Center for evaluation after police determined he swallowed numerous pills.

Police found 18 additional heroin pills and $553 in the room. The drugs and money were seized. The Narcotics Unit is investigating the case and plans to file charges with the Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

ed starns January 08, 2013 at 01:40 PM
Why did the guy let the security guard hold him? Lol. They have now power to physically hold you there.. but good, 1 less junkie off the streets
Jennifer Solnosky January 08, 2013 at 04:46 PM
Wish that place had never been built.
Matt Hay January 08, 2013 at 06:04 PM
Money talks, and THF has the coffers. This blight on the City is the epicenter of crime in the City. Despite attempts to place officers there, and to be more visible, it seems crime goes abated. When I was on the Council, we had spoken about pulling their business license over it, however, it seems that THF and their money has permanently purchased so many elected and unelected officials at City Hall, that everyone will stand around and watch the property values of the good folks who own residences near there plummet, for fear of angering THF, or admitting that this was a poorly planned tenant who was added, just to fill space in a development which was difficult to find tenants for, let alone good ones. Perhaps one day, someone will take some accountability and responsibility, but sure that any day soon will not be that day unfortunately.
Bill Moritz January 10, 2013 at 04:30 AM
I think that your memory has let you down on this one, Mr. Hay. We certainly did have a lot of discussion on this matter. After all, the Value Place was right in Ward 2 before the redistricting after the Census. I heard all about it when we tried to work with the owners and put in place the creative measure suggested by then Administrator Unrein and Police Chief Shockey to have APD officers on duty for several months at Value Place's cost. The hotel cleaned itself up pretty well. We changed ordinance 14-21 by amending paragraph (d) to give the city officials the authority to shut them down in case it became necessary. In a rarity, you voted with the majority (7 - 1) to take this action to protect the citizens of Arnold. See the minutes from 2-4-2010. Remember that there were Fox C-6 school kids living in that establishment and as easy as it might have been to think about closing the VP down, we would have been putting school kids and their families who had fallen on hard times out in the street. We did what we thought was right and it worked out. There are drug crimes in other hotels too. This one catches our attention and if it gets so bad again we have a means in place to deal with it. Thank you for your yes vote that day. THF had no vote and no say in the matter and you well know that.
Matt Hay January 10, 2013 at 05:35 AM
So remind me where has my memory failed me again? You are tossing the red herrings. As far as THF getting a vote, do you not remember the desire of some to illegally discuss this in closed session? In fact, I think Shockey first mentioned the issue in closed session if I recall, all to keep that insane number of calls out of the media. It was wrong then and not closed session material, and ignoring the problem is wrong now. You do not think this was initially kept on the D/L to prevent a negative reflection on both THF and Arnold's Sales Tax revenue. I love the for the "for the children" argument. I think there is a law similar to Godwin's for such cases. Just like I am sure you would love to snatch up all the "assault rifles" for the kids of course. Emotional arguments are the foundation of poor public policy. You might worry about the C-6 student who finds themselves homeless, while others see homeless as a step up from dead should a meth lab explode and engulf the structure. As for my vote, if you recall, it was hesitant, in that I did not want unaccountable, unelected bureaucrats making the call without Council oversight. By the way, can you say anything without being condescending? You just drip and seeth with it. While I find it mildly humorous in an ironic schadenfreude sort of way, eventually, it just makes people think you are bitter, banal, and altogether a few fries short of a Happy Meal.


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